Adams Fire

Photo courtesy of Ferrara Photography Inc.
(2002 – )
Owned by Starline Arabians LLC
Inducted: 2013


Photo courtesy of Ferrara Photography Inc.
Photo courtesy of Ferrara Photography Inc.
Photo courtesy of Rob Hess
Photo courtesy of Ferrara Photography Inc.
Photo courtesy of USEF Archive
By the age of six, Adams Fire had already achieved a lifetime of success and earned his place in the record books in 2008 as a Horse of Honor of the United States Equestrian Federation. The Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian gelding, more affectionately known as “Adam,” was young in years and demanding attention in the barn, but all business as soon as he entered the ring.

In 2008, three different riders had huge victories with this amazing horse. With his owner, Lori Lawrence, he was crowned U.S. National Champion Half-Arabian in the Adult Amateur English pleasure division by the Arabian Horse Association. He achieved the same result in the open division with trainer Joel Keisner, and he won the U.S. National Youth Championship for Half-Arabian English Pleasure with Lori's daughter, Nicole. He won all three titles unanimously - an unprecedented feat.

Unbeaten all year, Lori’s proudest moment was when Adam won the first industry "work-off" called by judges in 30 years of the Open Championship at U.S. Nationals. Before a deafening crowd, Adam’s Fire took to the rail, and despite being his fourth class of the week, gave it everything he had to win. The entire crowd rose to their feet and cheered as Adams Fire emerged victorious!

Adam continued his winning ways with Lori winning the Adult Amateur division unanimously again in 2009, making it three consecutive years. In 2012 Adam came back after a two year hiatus and was once again crowned unanimous National Champion, this time carrying Nicole to her first adult National Championship.

Adam will try anything asked of him. Even more impressively, is that he gets it done. Supremely gifted, his dominance and performances in the show arena are evidenced by his eight National Championships in only three years of showing. It is also evidenced in his wins, with seven of his eight National Championship titles being unanimous.

This is a testament not only to his physical talents, but his intelligence and willing temperament. Adam accommodates different riding styles and adapts and excels in every arena he is called on. He enjoys his work and relishes the spotlight. For him, the louder the crowd, the better.

In the historical tradition of Arabian blood being used to enhance other breeds, Adam is an exceptional representative. The refined beauty, intelligence, responsiveness, and agility possessed by the Arabian horse, and lent to other breeds over the millennium, are unmistakable every day in Adams Fire.

A combination of Arabian and Dutch harness horse, Adam is an ambassador for the cross. He is like a celebrity and his perfect combination of physical ability, adaptability, intelligence and sheer desire to please and excel make him truly one of a kind.